Milo Hamilton, Gene Elston: a lesson for us all

hamiltonTwo fabled former announcers died this month. 

Had you written to them?

“What could they autograph? I collect cards and photos.”

Did they ever write a book? That book cover image is something that will forever get an author’s heart fluttering. (Trust me. Been there. Done that.)

Make yourself a photo/custom/etc. Show them you know the book exists. They may think that you’ll be a future reader. A future notch on their royalty statement.

If you want to test-drive a book, go to your public library. It’s called Inter Library Loan. Your library can borrow from any other library in the country. You’re sure to get the book for the normal check-out time. My branch charges only $1.25 (to cover postage).

I was told by a noted author that famous announcers have been much more supportive in his requests for interviews and information than writer/reporters.

Try baseball’s voices (while you can). See if you agree.

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