You moved. Here’s a way your TTM autographs can reunite with you 18 months later!

I moved.
The United States Post Office took 10 days before deciding to forward my mail. (This isn’t counting the lost change of address card I mailed in almost two weeks earlier.)
We all know someone who has received an autograph response more than a year after sending a letter. Some players are known for saving fan mail to answer in the off-season. Or, retired players like Barry Zito announced that they had saved fan mail throughout their career to be signed only after they finished playing. Therefore, a fan might wait several years for a response.
Well, the Post office will foward first class mail for only 30 days after you move.
Instead of imagining all those autographs disappearing ino a black hole, check out the new service the USPS offers.
For $19.95, the Post Office will give you a six-month forwarding extension. For $29.95, you can get a 12-month extension. Or, pay $39.95 for an 18-month extension.
You may never hear from a fussy non-signer, even after allowing all the extra forwarding time. Chances are, you might not get $39.95 worth of autograph returns in the next 18 months.
However, you can buy peace of mind. You gave those non-signers as much time as possible to respond.
Or, is it a better deal to look ahead, and invest those same dollars in more stamps for more TTM attempts?

You make the call.