Envelope Art? Art-elope? Here’s one hobbyist’s fan mail tip for getting opened!

I love sequels.

Have you checked out the great comment received from the Thursday post about envelopes?
It’s okay. Go now. We’ll wait.
Welcome back!
The artist in question is Zenus Barnes. Here’s an example:
Or, this one:
Zenus adds:
“My art on these has been an ongoing thing as I didn’t start out as the best artist. They have been a fun project though that at times the daughter helps with.”
I think a fun deficit is one of the prime reasons collectors drop out of the hobby. Sending out letters becomes a chore. And, if you’re having fun, the person opening the envelope might feel the same.
Also, Zenus uses the phrase “best artist.” Envelope decorating isn’t done to win awards or earn a gallery exhibition. Forget fear and embarrassment. If you want your envelope to look like all the other envelopes, your letter might get treated like all the other letters. As in, getting ignored.
Thank you for the inspiration, Zenus!
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