Will Sing For Food…Or Autographs!

Don’t know this cool set? I
found lots of singles
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I’ll say it again. I think it’s worth repeating:

Think of what you’re giving, not just what you should be getting.

Sure, your autograph might not appeal to a former player. There’s still ways to get noticed. It’s possible to convince someone of your sincerity.

Enter Steve Katzenmeyer, who is working to get the 121-card Elite Senior League card set (circa 1990) signed.

Don’t remember the short-lived baseball brainstorm, the idea of an Old-Timer’s Day taken seriously? Check out this summary from www.baseball-reference.com. Go on, we’ll wait for you.

Welcome back. Neat stuff, huh? Now, back to Steve’s story. He wrote:

“I’m a music teacher and musician, so I’ve written and recorded, “It Was The Senior League”, made 10 cds, sent one to each of the 10 with “Song About You Enclosed”, autographed each CD, and put a sticky note on each CD case that says, “If you like the song, will you please sign my card?”. Plus a SASE.”

Through his last update on the www.sportscollectors.net website, Steve reports that he’s down to needing only 13 signed cards. The toughest of the tough may be cracking under Steve’s musical pitch.

Steve hasn’t gotten any reviews back from former players. Frustratingly, autograph signers don’t send back notes saying, “I signed your request because…”

I hope Steve keeps writing, singing and collecting. He’s doing all three quite well.

Coming Friday: The curious case of Dirk Hayhurst.