Holy Cow! Baseball Stories Are Everywhere, Free For the Asking

Who should I collect?

That’s one question I get a lot from beginning collectors. Or, advanced collectors get in slumps.

Even team collectors complain sometimes.

Here’s an idea:

If you want to collect one team (such as the St. Louis Cardinals), don’t limit yourself to men who wore the uniform.

There are great fans everywhere. Fans who’ll share their stories.

Living in Iowa, I found this out prior to the 2004 presidential election.

Missouri Congressman Richard Gephardt appeared. Often, crowds ignore candidate spouses.

Jane Gephardt appeared.

“You’re from Missouri,” I said. “Of course, you’ve seen lots of Cardinals baseball.”

She asked if I was a fan, too.

I countered, “How big of a fan are you?”

She grinned. “When the team fired Harry Caray in the 1960s, I protested in front of the ballpark carrying a picket sign!”

If you’re not having any luck getting responses from baseball players by mail right now, consider adding a few baseball fans to your collection. You’d be surprised who shares your passion. Best of all, these famous fans could have swell stories to share.

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