1956 Orioles Landed Minnesota All-Stater (And Some Kid Named Brooks Robinson?)

´╗┐Here’s a treasure from my archives, circa 2000. At the time, I began looking hard at all the Minnesota natives who had made the majors. Among that list was Gordie Sundin, a teen who savored the smallest cup of coffee with the 1956 Orioles. He wrote:

“Hi, Tom —

Thanks for your inquiry and interest. It’s hard to believe you found me.

I did grow up in Mpls. I was ALL STATE in football, basketball and baseball at Washburn HS. I signed with the Orioles right out of HS and was on the active roster when I was 17 yrs old (in 1955, I was born 10/10/37).

Brooks Robinson and I signed together and remain good friends.

My elbow went bad (nerve damage) my first season and I was operated on in Baltimore in 3/56. Again, my elbow went bad and I was cut on in 1959.

I had some great experiences and for awhile I threw well out in the coast league for Vancouver 1957-59. I was on the Orioles Active roster  in ’55 and all of ’56.

I married my H.S. sweetheart, the former Mary Ann Dorsey — who was on the ’56 Olympic and world figure skating teams. We were also married in ’56. Big Year.

God bless. Thanks for the inquiry.

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