Thanking Chicago Cubs Voice Pat Hughes

I was on the Sunday WGN Radio broadcast of the Cubs versus the Cardinals.

No, not me. My note.

I wasn’t trying for instant fame. You’re supposed to wear the rainbow clown wig for that, right?

I just wanted to thank Pat for his summer of optimism. Also, I shared my gratitude for the impressive work he did on the tribute book Ron Santo, A Perfect 10.

Pat and Keith Moreland read the note and commented on the air. I’m glad for that. However, I mainly wanted to say goodbye to another season by being grateful. I know Pat’s great tribute CDs of legendary announcers, his “Baseball Voices” series, will keep me warm throughout a long winter.

Whenever writing letters to current and former players seem to be a chore, take a break. Write a thank-you note to someone in baseball, someone who’s made being a fan sweeter.

In other words, stop thinking about what the letter will get you. Instead, think of what your letter has to GIVE.

Coming Tuesday: Pitcher Tom “Blade” Hall tells how he got his nickname.