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Yes, historical team rosters exist on many websites. Baseball Almanac is a superb example.

But who’s still alive from that past team? Who still answers fan mail?

Incredibly, has all the answers, all in one place.

Become a premium member for $14.99 for one year. This entitles you to the greatest research tools on the website, including the team rosters.

I looked up the 1968 Tigers under “team rosters.” There was a list of 34 names, 11 of which are deceased. Compiling the member experiences of who signs and who doesn’t, the results page is impressive.

I found the names of eight former Tigers who’ve answered at least 90 percent of fan mail requests:

Dave Campbell
Elroy Face
Tom Matchick
Daryl Patterson
Jim Price
Dennis Ribant
Dick Tracewski
Jon Warden

How good are these guys? Try 9 out of 10 times good!

Think about it. Paper, ink, envelope, stamps (not to mention those who include a card or item to be autographed) — it’s easy to think that a request is worth a dollar, even without factoring in the cost of your time and labor.

In no time, $14.99 membership fee will pay for itself. For team collectors, nothing beats Try it!

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