Baseball In Wartime Site Celebrates 10 Years

A must-see website for fans, collectors

Happy Fourth of July, Friends!

If you want to feel proud to be an American, and proud to be a baseball fan, take a moment on this holiday to savor Gary Bedingfield’s amazing Baseball In Wartime website. The biographies of player veterans from World War II are inspiring.

What does this have to do with autographs or writing to retired players?

Gary is racing against time. Pick up your own daily newspaper. Read the obituaries for a week. Chances are you’ll find at least one WWII vet in the death notices. In larger towns, it’s almost a daily occurrence.

Gary knows that insights about being “over there” in World War II will disappear when those men do. Likewise, those autographs from sure-thing signers like Bobby Doerr and Virgil Trucks aren’t going to be there forever.

Some time remains for Gary, and for us. There’s still some vets out there. Write to one today, if for no other reason than to say thanks. Save an extra thanks for Gary Bedingfield, who reminds us that baseball players can be heroes off the field, too.

Coming Tuesday: an inside look at fan mail from a triple A team.

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