The Perfect Gift For A Great Signer

No, I’m not talking about a $5 tip.

Baseball’s retirees who sign are old-school. I get so many SASEs with a hand-printed return address.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the cut signature.

However, I could imagine this gets tiring for an old-timer.

Do any of you print your own return address labels, possibly adding a baseball-related icon?

Offer to run off a sheet for that former player. Baseball-themed return address labels.

They’ll love using a homemade gift, just for them. You’ll be making other hobbyists look good, keeping the signer happy.

Everybody wins.

Return Address Labels Matter!

Found at,
tiny investments like
these can bring big,
unexpected payoffs!

Here’s a tip I hope that’ll help you in the future…

In the mail, I thought the worst. Had my envelope gotten mauled? All that was left was the return address label?

Nope. This was much better.

An elderly retired player had saved my return address label along with my letter. Weeks later, after his first response, he chose to send me some added comments.

To save time and energy (at his age), he taped the return address label to a new envelope.

Some other collectors have told me that they’ve gotten responses this way. They believed that their SASEs got lost by the signer.

A good return address label greets the potential autographer. The label convinces the person to open your envelope. Your APPEAL. Most of all, you’re leaving a lifeline, a way that signer can get in touch with you quickly in the future. Don’t overlook this tiny but important detail.

Coming Friday: Reviewing a new Gil Hodges biography!

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