What J. Michigan Frog taught me about collecting autographs by mail

JMichiganFrogDo you know the classic Warner Bros. cartoon One Froggy Evening, directed in 1955 by Chuck Jones? Seen it? There’s one great life lesson there.

Please, check it out. I’ll wait.

Welcome back!

I thought I had found a singing frog when I stopped by a recent rummage sale. Under the FREE sign, I saw hundreds of seemingly-new envelopes. Blank. 

Humidity had moistened the glue on their backs. 

Hey, I had watched enough movies and TV shows. Steaming open envelopes to read secret messages. Away I ran with my lucky find. I could reverse time and make the envelopes perfect.

Good luck with that trick, folks. 

I straightened my hair and unclogged my pores. However, the boiling water didn’t help much with the sealed envelopes.

I’m hoping to see the recycling man with the same gleam in his eye, with a face just like in the cartoon. Just like my greedy grin looked. He can take his turn trying to spin straw into gold, or stuck envelopes into new ones.

Meanwhile, if there are any talented envelope rehab specialists out there, share your secrets. I’d love to make you famous.

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