‘Devine’ baseball caricatures offer inspiration for all collectors

(Courtesy Devine Sports Caricatures)
(Courtesy Devine Sports Caricatures)

Three cheers for Ariana and Brian Devine!

She is the gifted artist. He is the wise husband who saw baseball-related possibilities.

See for yourself on their new Facebook page.

Sure, getting cards, photos and balls signed is standard. Why not?

Well, it’s a matter of standing out. Of giving and getting.

Infielder Marcus Giles showed the difference that special effort made. He told Brian he wanted a picture of himself with the artwork before autographing it. I think most athletes would want to autograph such a unique collectible first.

But I’m not an artist!

Anyone can make an effort. Some DIY ideas:

1. A box score of a debut or other milestone. 

2. A headline. Write it yourself, then go font crazy. 

3. A quote. Everyone has a sentence or two immortalized on the Internet. Why offer a boring, blank index card?

4. Commission Ariana to depict your favorite player.

Score did it once. Such artwork could be coming soon to a baseball card set near you!

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