Catcher Jim Campanis shares the inside joke from one autographed card

Autographs can be fun, even for the signers!
Autographs can be fun, even for the signers! (Courtesy of Jim Campanis)

Just an autograph?

That’s why I started this blog. I love the stories beyond the signatures.

Here’s one from master baseball storyteller Jim Campanis, who writes:

“Another “J” on Ausmus’ neck!

In 1992, Brad and I already knew each other from playing in the Carolina League during the ’90 season.

When this card came out we started a little practical joke that we’re still doing to this day…when I get the card to sign first, I swoop my “J” across his photo to his neck.

When he gets it first…he ends a looooong “S” across my face!

Great catcher, manager and person!”

Thanks for sharing, Jim. And collectors: watch those necks!

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