Bret Saberhagen invokes Close Encounters of the Third Kind

He’s listening!

“We are not alone.”

That’s one of the moments I remember most from that 1977 movie.

Then, on Facebook, I checked out the latest news from the always-impressive Baseball Autographs group.

A moderator welcomed new member Bret Saberhagen. Yes, THAT Bret.

I checked the number of former players who are a part of that group. WOW!

Suddenly, those movie words made more sense.

It’s so inspiring that former players want to learn more about the hobby. It’s nice they can see REAL collectors showing how autographs and correspondence matter to them.

However, baseball retirees online get to see it all, even the snarky slams about a player’s career (as if we could have done better?). Hobbyists who take shots at someone’s autographing tendencies should be prepared for fallout.

Sure, tell the truth. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Just know that starting an online debate with the signing source could wind up putting the entire hobby on the losing side.

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