An open letter to Kurt Bevacqua

Found at author Dan Epstein’s BIG HAIR AND PLASTIC GRASS site. He wrote the ultimate tribute to 1970s baseball. Check him out!

Dear Mr. B —

I just saw your latest TTM autograph price list form letter. (By the way, I  freelance edit. The letter is riddled with problems.)

Do you really have worries about “ensuring the authenticity” of your autograph? The price list says so. I guess last year’s rate of $7 per autograph didn’t provide enough security against autograph forgers? Does the autograph broker provide a certificate of authenticity with each signature?

Back to 1984: I wish you would include photos of what the $500 World Series baseball inscribed with “Padres MVP” looks like. This fee astounds me. I just saw on eBay a ball signed by the whole Padres team (from 1984, when you must have felt differently about autographs, for $395).

Once, I appreciated your championship bubble-blowing talents, sir. Now, I worry if you’ve simply blown it.¬†


Tom O.






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