An open letter to Kurt Bevacqua

Posted April 6th, 2015 by Tom Owens and filed in Uncategorized

Found at author Dan Epstein’s BIG HAIR AND PLASTIC GRASS site. He wrote the ultimate tribute to 1970s baseball. Check him out!

Dear Mr. B —

I just saw your latest TTM autograph price list form letter. (By the way, I  freelance edit. The letter is riddled with problems.)

Do you really have worries about “ensuring the authenticity” of your autograph? The price list says so. I guess last year’s rate of $7 per autograph didn’t provide enough security against autograph forgers? Does the autograph broker provide a certificate of authenticity with each signature?

Back to 1984: I wish you would include photos of what the $500 World Series baseball inscribed with “Padres MVP” looks like. This fee astounds me. I just saw on eBay a ball signed by the whole Padres team (from 1984, when you must have felt differently about autographs, for $395).

Once, I appreciated your championship bubble-blowing talents, sir. Now, I worry if you’ve simply blown it. 


Tom O.






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