Cleveland Indian Don Dillard Offers Lesson

Posted January 20th, 2014 by Tom Owens and filed in Cleveland Indians, Don Dillard, rubber stamped autographs

More than one collector has solved the riddle of Don Dillard, who played for the Indians and Braves from 1959 to 1965.

For several years, collectors received rubber-stamped “autographs” in reply. However, those asking questions about his career have been getting his actual shaky signature, too.
Recently, a family member has been helping with correspondence, adding the explanation that Mr. Dillard had a stroke in 2010.
Don’t assume that the rubber-stamped facsimile response is done in spite by an angry retiree. In their eyes, a non-response would be worse than their signature equivalent.
A suggestion? Try adding, in your own words, a request to the tune of:
“These are the only cards I have of you, cards from my personal collection. If you are unable to autograph these yourself for any reason, I will be grateful to have them returned blank, happy that you read my letter.”

2 Responses to “Cleveland Indian Don Dillard Offers Lesson”

  1. ND says:

    So are you saying there is a possibility of him signing if a letter is good enough?

  2. Tom Owens says:

    From the two “successes” I’ve seen, he’s signing his answers. And his health gives him a shaky signature. I’m unsure that he’d attempt autographing cards. It looks like it’s a real struggle to sign. But, I feel it’s touching he wants to add his name to his baseball memories, as to attest to their validity!

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