1969 Kansas City Royals Prankster Moe Drabowsky ‘Sparked’ Mike Hedlund

Posted November 7th, 2013 by Tom Owens and filed in 1969 Kansas City Royals, Mike Hedlund, Moe Drabowsky

Do you smell smoke?

When the Baseball Hall of Fame opens a wing for pranksters, pitcher Moe Drabowsky will be a charter member.

I asked Mike Hedlund what he learned from his merry moundmate. Hedlund graced me with this tale:

“My favorite Moe Drabowsky story was in Kansas City in 1969. Moe was famous for giving ‘hot foots’ to many a ballplayer. On this particular day, we were in the bullpen, which had a long wooden bench that ran from end to end.

On this day, Moe talked me into getting under there and giving someone on the other end a ‘hot foot.’ Once I was on my belly and scooting down, Moe lit ME up!

Since I couldn’t get out quickly, it burned up a lot of my shoelaces. Good thing I didn’t have to get up to pitch that day!”

Coming Monday: Hedlund’s inspiring 1971 Vietnam visit to our troops.

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