Catcher George Mitterwald Makes My Day

Mitterwald maintained
that great tight cursive.
Glad to hear from him!

Don’t give up.

I wrote to the Twins/Cubs catcher back in 2010.

In one of many phases of doubting my letter-writing skill, my timing and the eternal “handwritten or typed?” debate, I chalked up Mr. Mitterwald as one of my many misses.

Maybe not…

Saturday, a superb two-page handwritten reply to my questions came, along with the apology of not responding sooner. He’s faced health problems plus a family loss.

I’ll share the great insights from “The Baron” beginning Thursday. Meanwhile, don’t assume that one non-response is the beginning of the end. Devote the time to sending out more letters, not staring at a barren mailbox.

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  1. I know George – and his younger brother Bob. I worked contract on Patrick AFB when Bob had a home on South Orlando Ave. I stayed there when I was in town. George & Susan would come over from Orlando (Apopka) and we’d go out to eat or hang around the house.


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