Catcher George Mitterwald Makes My Day

Posted July 8th, 2013 by Tom Owens and filed in Chicago Cubs, George Mitterwald, Minnesota Twins

Mitterwald maintained
that great tight cursive.
Glad to hear from him!

Don’t give up.

I wrote to the Twins/Cubs catcher back in 2010.

In one of many phases of doubting my letter-writing skill, my timing and the eternal “handwritten or typed?” debate, I chalked up Mr. Mitterwald as one of my many misses.

Maybe not…

Saturday, a superb two-page handwritten reply to my questions came, along with the apology of not responding sooner. He’s faced health problems plus a family loss.

I’ll share the great insights from “The Baron” beginning Thursday. Meanwhile, don’t assume that one non-response is the beginning of the end. Devote the time to sending out more letters, not staring at a barren mailbox.

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  1. dnc says:

    I know George – and his younger brother Bob. I worked contract on Patrick AFB when Bob had a home on South Orlando Ave. I stayed there when I was in town. George & Susan would come over from Orlando (Apopka) and we’d go out to eat or hang around the house.

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