Pitchers Brad Lesley, Rick Camp: Gone Too Soon

I found this superb specimen on
Check out Lesley’s page and others
for some fine tributes and
great signed artifacts.

These are the infrequent wake-up calls all TTMers must heed.

Brad Lesley and Rick Camp have died. Respective ages: 54 and 60.

Lesley, a first-round draft pick for the Reds once upon a time, made it into only three card sets I know. Plus, he lived in Japan for 10 years. Two reasons to be overlooked by many collectors.

The esteemed www.sportscollectors.net had just 17 recorded TTM requests for Lesley, with 10 succeeding. The SCN count for Camp was 62 of 93.

Note that Camp had a two-year stretch of never responding, due to time in federal prison.

This message can never be repeated enough. Write to the guys you want to contact NOW. Age won’t help you determine how long you have to seek a signature, or how long they will (or won’t have) to respond.

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