Asking For Hobby Heroes

We can learn a lot from each other.

That’s why I’ve always sought the stories of other collectors.

It’s not always been easy!

Some hobbyists fear having the size of their collections revealed. Nope. I don’t want to play ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. Or “Price is Right.” I’d rather have an idea of the emotional value of your autographs — not your net worth.

Nor will I ask, “How much have you spent collecting?” It’s not my job to make your family faint.

I want to find collectors with unique specialties. I want to know how they set goals. Have they ever corresponded with retired players? What’s the best question they get answered by mail?

Nominate a hobby hero. I’ll seek them out and try to convince them to share their story.

Reach me at baseballbytheletters [at] gmail dot com. Thanks!

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