Pete Rose TV Reality Series???

I’ve kept it since 1973. It’s a government postcard rubber-stamped (or auto-penned?) reply from Pete Rose. The “Hi, Tom” is no match for the facsimile signature.

When I saw that Rose’s TLC reality series was using his AUTOGRAPH as a show title/logo, I remembered that he was one of the first stars ever to admit to employing a “secretary.”

I can’t find a picture of the book anywhere. But I know it existed. In a rip-off of Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say the Darnedest Things,” there was a book reprinting KID letters to Pete Rose. Teen me never wanted to see if my heart-felt request was included.

Will he talk about autographs on his new series? Sorry, I don’t have the stomach to stay tuned.

Coming Wednesday: Harvey’s here! My 2013 Baseball Address List arrives!!!

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