Secret Santa In Your SASE?

Good signers have a little Santa in them.

I look at and see others who note in their tracked response: “Added small photo.”

I think that some of the hobby’s most generous custom card designers are these Secret Santas. Those of you adding an extra or sending some dupes on request are giving a retiree the chance to treat other collectors.

My one request of all of you? When you give, give freely. Add a post-it to a bonus card saying FOR YOU, so the signer doesn’t autograph everything in sight.

I see too many collectors saying, “I told him he could keep a couple if he wanted, but he signed them all.” That smells too much like, “I’ll make a half-hearted offer in hopes of getting lots of autographed extras because of the confusion.”

Someone like Freddy Schmidt loved rewarding the best letters. Help them help us.

Coming Monday: The Yankee who inspired Harvey Meiselman’s address directory!

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