Champ Summers Gone At 66

I found a fun site called
Ed’s Autographs. The
focus was on Seattle-area
players. Mariners? Nope.
Born in Bremerton!

Who’s on your list to write to?

Even after all these years, I get zoned trying to contact retirees in their 70s and above. I pay too much attention to age.

John “Champ” Summers reminded of that. He lost a 2-1/2 year fight to cancer last week. He was only 66.

I didn’t move fast enough. He seemed a slow but steady signer, according to Of 82 recorded attempts, he responded 71 times. Because of his years as a minor league coach, replies sometimes took a year.

The autographs I’ve seen seem that he wanted collectors to remember him by his nickname. Good luck finding a “John.” Beyond his nickname, we’ll remember.

Coming Wednesday: Two early hobby inspirations, Brendan C. Boyd and Fred C. Harris.

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