Washington Pitcher Carl Bouldin Mulls Over His TWO Biggest Career Victories

Posted February 24th, 2011 by Tom Owens and filed in Carl Bouldin, Pete Rose
Beloved in Venezuela!

Here’s a quick tip for anyone wanting to correspond with former players:

Realize that there’s more than one way to judge a career highlight.

I thought Carl Bouldin would have some nice memories about Sept., 15, 1962, when he twirled a 7-hit win at home versus the White Sox. (Thank you, http://www.retrosheet.org/.) However, I never said “your best game ever seems like…” Instead, I asked about the day, then followed up with:

If this wasn’t your best game ever, please describe what was?

Bouldin replied:

“Getting a complete game was big for me, or anyone, I think. I felt like I belonged and knew I could pitch in the ‘bigs.’

My best game was probably in winter ball in Caracas, Venezuela. In a big city rivalry, I pitched against a team with the three Alou Brothers and won, 3-1. Pete Rose was on my team and after that game the fans carried me around on their shoulders.

A fun time.”

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  1. Awesome story! Thanks for throwing that out there.

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