Comeback Coach Chuck Hartenstein Helped Pitcher Bob ‘Whirlybird’ Walk Fly Again

His autograph is
more compact these days!

Perhaps, pitcher Chuck Hartenstein registered some of his biggest victories after his playing career.

He remembered:

“With Cleveland, Rick Wise and Sid Monge had career years. It was all in the handling of them. They made a lot of money from that year.

In 1987, I coached at Milwaukee. Again, several guys had career years. Dave Duncan in 1988 with Oakland beat us out of the best ERA for a staff by the third decimal point.

My best accomplishment was Bob Walk with the Pirates. He had bounced around and was very inconsistent. I taught him how to change speeds and get hitters out. He got another 6-7 years in Big Leagues because of that!

Good luck with your collection!

Chuck Hartenstein”

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  1. I wrote to Chuck a while ago and asked him what his fondest memories of being in Toronto were. He said to me being on the opening day roster in 1977 and also he was on the coaching staff for the Milwaukee Brewers and being at the first game at the then new Skydome playing against the Toronto Blue Jays. He is a class act.


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