Red Sox Mgr. Eddie Kasko ‘Got’ Hurler Bill Lee

Posted November 1st, 2010 by Tom Owens and filed in 1961 World Series, Bill Lee, Boston Red Sox, Eddie Kasko
“Bob Sheppard just
announced MY name!”

Boston Red Sox manager Eddie Kasko landed a spot in the team’s Hall of Fame in 2010. One of his achievements during his 1970-73 reign involved moving Bill “Spaceman” Lee from the bullpen to the starting rotation.

How did he cope with the pitcher’s offbeat personality? Kasko explained in a kind letter:

“We got along fine. I knew when he was “jerking” people around — especially press writers. Just ‘be ready to pitch.’

The book THE BALLPLAYERS described Kasko as “a laid-back practical joker.” Did he recall one of his finest funnies?

“Sending [word to] my ex-roommate in St. Louis that he was traded to my team in Cincy.”

He batted a sparkling .319 in the 1961 World Series for the Reds. Kasko didn’t quote a specific hit in his favorite memory of that event, writing:

“Being introduced in Yankee Stadium by their heralded P.A. announcer and getting in the Series.”

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