Pitcher Jim Barr Remembers Candlestick

Posted October 11th, 2010 by Tom Owens and filed in Candlestick Park, Jim Barr

San Francisco pitcher Jim Barr knew Candlestick Park. Did he know AND love the ballpark? I quizzed him on three subjects. He replied:

“CANDLESTICK — yes, it was COLD and windy. My thought process was: this is my job, what I am expected to do, and it was the MAJOR LEAGUES. Yeah, it was nice to pitch on the road, in better weather and a lot more fans. But pitching at home, well, it was YOUR HOME PARK.”

Barr registered three near no-no’s in his career, a trio of two-hitters. Regrets?

“Honestly, I never thought of a NO-HITTER. All the games were reasonably close, so winning was the #1 priority.”

Barr was the pitcher who got away, being drafted six times before turning pro. I asked him if it was more than money that caused him to turn away major league chances.

“I signed with the Giants because I was graduating from college. I didn’t sign earlier because I had a very good college degree on the line and all the other offers couldn’t make up the difference of my college degree.”

If Barr’s praise of education sounds like he’d be a good college coach, the former Giant must agree. I found him profiled on the Sacramento State website as the school’s baseball coach.

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