WalMart Hawks "Hawk" Dawson

Collectors report that it takes a $20 donation to the Andre Dawson Foundation to get the new Hall of Famer’s signature. The foundation sends out a price list.

Sadly, fans who don’t know TTM collecting basics can get soaked $101.99 to buy an autographed HOF postcard from the WallyWorld website.

There’s an 8-by-10 signed photo from Duke Snider for “only” $174.99.

Okay, WalMart can feign innocence. A “Pro Sports” contractor provides the product and the shipping.

However, the WalMart name is attached. Soon, everyone assumes the signature is worth that much — and more! The HOFer decides to hike his signing fee. Or, why sign for any individuals, when corporate America is interested?

Halloween is coming. The hobby may be seeing more tricks than treats.

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