One Milestone, Plus Three Autograph Goals

The counter says “post 150.” I see it as a MILEpost. I’m still here. Still having fun! I’m here because of you, good readers. In coming weeks, I’ll be seeking out your hobby goals and achievements. Many of you have impressive blogs, but you still find time to stop by. I’m grateful.

As I touched upon when praising “The Angels, In Order,” I think every autograph collector needs to start with one defined goal. Team collecting is just one option. Consider focusing on:

1. Players from your state. (I had one retiree write and say he looked my hometown up on his map. Others will include tales of playing in your state, visiting, etc.)
2. Players from your university — be it as a student or fan. Watch how player ALUMS clamor to sign for a fellow school booster!
3. Players from one particular season — year of your birth, year you saw your first game, etc.

That’s just a start. As long as your goal is personal, there’s a better chance the recipient of your letter will make a personal effort to respond.

Readers: what other reachable collector specialties are out there, waiting for a goal-setting hobbyist?

1 thought on “One Milestone, Plus Three Autograph Goals”

  1. A friend of mine has a hobby goal of collecting “family players”: Brothers who played in the Majors/Minors, Fathers & sons, cousins, nephews, uncles, etc. It’s been a great collection to follow and you don’t realize how many families play baseball and carry on the tradition through the generations.


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