Happy Easter, Dave Heaverlo!

In my mind, I see his shining dome every year before the holiday.

Dave Heaverlo tipped his cap for an April installment of Saturday Game of the Week.

One of the first players I remembered who shaved his head for
fashion sake, Heaverlo spotted the TV camera. His grin grew
as he uncapped his head:


The magic-markered message glistened on his naked noggin.

In the early 1990s, I lived in Washington state. At the Puyallup
Flea Market, Heaverlo was a free autograph guest.

All I had was an index card. I got a “Best Wishes” inscription.

“Do you remember being on TV, having ‘Happy Easter’ written
on your head, under your cap?” I asked.

He smiled politely. “Someone else asked me. I think I remember
something like that,” was his vague reply.

At the time, I knew nothing of the raucous reliever’s reputation
during his seven-year career. Even though he began his career in
the bigs with hair, Heaverlo found infamy early in Oakland.

All I know is that I peeked at his still-hairless head that day. I saw no message. Not even a “Rent This Space.”

So, in the spirit of Dave Heaverlo, I tip my cap to all you.

Happy Easter!

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