Where Are the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers?

Is the ex-hurler’s sig still
so swell? I hope to find out!

In this installment of “Tom’s 10 Most Wanted,” I thought of those near-miss Milwaukee Brewers of 2011.

Do they answer fan mail? I’m not hopeful…I struck out trying to get their bullpen catcher!

Instead, I decided to revisit the past. I thought of another mystical Milwaukee team: The Blue Crew of ’82.

Here’s the “10 From Then” getting letters from me:

Jerry Augustine
Dwight Bernard
Jamie Easterly
Pete Ladd
Don Money
Rob Picciolo
Chuck Porter
Ed Romero
Harry Warner
Ned Yost

Stay tuned…

Coming Thursday: Seeking other ways to correspond with baseball’s past.

1 thought on “Where Are the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers?”

  1. I was living in Wisconsin during the 1982 season, so I tried to collect every player from that team. The most difficult to get (and the last 2 I needed)were Marshall Edwards and Pete Vuckovich. Once I finished the World Series team, I wanted to finish the complete roster of everyone that played for the team at all that year. I got Bob Skube through the mail last year, completing that as well. I’m now working on the 1991 Twins and Braves.


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